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24F,Zhongyang Dasha North building,19 Shuinan Rd,Cixi,Zhejiang,China City/Province :Cixi,Zhejiang Country :China
Voltage(V):230V/50Hz, 1580W Steam pressure(KGF/c㎡):1.0 bar
Voltage/Wattage:220-240V/50Hz 1700W Volume of the water tan
-Voltage/Wattage: 220-240V/50Hz 1800W -Volume of the water
Voltage/Wattage: 110V/60Hz 800W Volume of the water tank: 2
230V,50Hz, 900W material:ABS Function:Burst &vertical of S
Portable garment steamer 230 V 50/60Hz 1200W Function: con